To inspire action, we provide materials so you can present A CALL TO LIFE in your community. Whether you are a class, a church group, a neighborhood, an activist organization, a conservation group, or other community of caring, we invite you to watch the studio recording of “A Call to Life: Variations on a Theme of Extinction” and discuss the ideas, emotions, questions, answers, and actions that the viewing inspires or provokes. Here are materials to get you going.

A CALL TO LIFE / Studio Recording in Six Parts

Theme: A world half as wonderful

Part I: The fire of Earth’s life, five times almost extinguished, five times rekindled

Part II: Rage against the dying

Intermezzo: Wondering love

Part III: The work that calls us

Coda: Redemption

A CALL TO LIFE / Discussion Guide

A CALL TO LIFE / Variations on a Theme of Extinction