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"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your and Rachelle's presentation! Rachelle's haunting piano and your clear voice so effectively and engagingly spanned the gauntlet of emotions surrounding environmental destruction. The synergy and contrast were amazing -- at once devastating and inspiring, despairing and hopeful. The tone of your voice is so beautifully childlike, yet what you say reflects the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth herself. I am honored to know you. Please continue your work forever."
– Mark Hixon, Endowed Professor of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii

"It was truly exceptional. I had no idea what to expect. I was deeply moved by the power, eloquence, wisdom, urgency, and insight of the presentation. The synergy of the music and the reading was brilliant. Why? Because there was such integrity in the sharing of voices. The symmetry between the two of you was magnificent. The Rachmaninoff piece (and the performance) was stunning and your language (and delivery) sent me to so many different places, mainly emotional. And that's what I needed. Not another intellectual experience, but rather a revitalization of the emotional connection to the planetary emergency."
- Mitchell Thomashaw, former president, Unity College

"Rachelle and Kathleen gave the community an amazing experience that was deeply moving, profoundly disturbing, yet not dispiriting."
- Bonnie Esbensen, pianist, Corvallis, Oregon.

"A POWERFUL blend. The music and words harmonized in a symbiosis hard to imagine before hearing it tonight. The two of you become a unique performance."
– Brooke Collison, Oregon State University

"It was deeply moving, fact-filled, and as strong a message as one could possibly imagine."
- Shirley Byrne and John Byrne, former president, Oregon State University